Making envelopes with a template vs. free form cutting

Folding an artist book


short cuts in photoshop


paper doll making: one offs vs. bulk cutting


Spinning paper:  cutting strips with the plotter vs by hand


warping with one hand vs.

two hands


Students generated objects by “hand” and “machine”, and considered how the outcome was influenced using  those two methods.


Jamie Lee:  Beast Project.  Hand Sewing  / embroidery vs. machine sewn / embroidery


Anneli Henriksson – Petty Chew – Heat Press vs. hand sewing


Soo Yun Lee, sampling:  hand embroidery vs. machine embroidery


Krystal Korth, Bandaids:  hand embroidery vs. long arm sewing machine



Ji Yeon Lim, Chicago Mountains:  hand embroidery / sewing vs. heat press, plotter and machine sewing


Maria Bondie, Pin up lets:  Hand embroidery vs. digital embroidery





Collaborative performance in public space


residential college students



Students implemented OPEN SPACE creative problem solving techniques, generating a series of actions mimicing white collar business people in the loop.



in process works of the multiplication of the machine…

Produced with the Long Arm aka Tin Lizzy Sewing Machine.


Flocking and the heat press.


Digital transfer print and the heat press

How to tie the weavers knot



once mastered


cut 2o 5 inch pieces of yarn, and try and tie all 10 in under 10 seconds and you will beat Barry C’s time!  Imagine tying 100-1000 of these a day!


Students were introduced to the Long Arm Sewing Machine aka Tin Lizzy.





Considering the assembly line – repetition of a sewn form on the home and industrial machine.




Assembly line lecture

This coarse examines the history of industrialized production, the politics of labor, and the body at work.   Through skill sharing, lectures, readings and discussions, students will explore existing systems of manufacturing and distribution: the assembly line, piecework production, mechanization, and global systems of transportation. Students will investigate and learn how to operate the industrial and home sewing machines, digital embroidery machine, long arm sewing machine, and computer aided plotter for possible tools of artistic production.  These technical skills coupled with methodologies of performances of labor, public actions, collaboration and display, students will generate projects adopting a “hacking” perspective to consider ways of re-coding materials, systems and mechanisms of contemporary global manufacturing.