This workshop touches on the history of industrialized textile and sewing production and the politics of labor, while implementing concepts and methodologies of slow textile / sewing production as a form of revolution and resistance; assembly line as a metaphor for collaboration; and performing the labor of garment and textile production.  During this intensive collaborative workshop, participants will learn to organize and instigate perspectives of “hacking” to consider ways of recoding existing systems of manufacturing and distribution: the assembly line, piecework, and mechanization. This is an interdisciplinary course and all methods and levels of textile work are welcome.

Course content:  The immersive and experiential workshop will begin with an introduction by all participants, each participant is asked to email instructor 3 images of their work, or work they are interested in.  We will then begin exploring Open Space a method for creating collaborative environments.  Hands on production will include: collaboratively produced  t-shirt rope, assembly line production of East German Shopping Bags, hand vs. machine sewing production of Penny Pinching Coin purses, Frank’n Fashion participants used clothing, and finally methods for instigating Textile Activism.



  • Sewing machine – if local and easy
  • Fabric scissors
  • Paper scissors
  • Sewing notions: tape measure, hand sewing needles, thread
  • End pieces and yarn left overs for final project
  • 2 old t-shirts which will get cut up
  • Garments to Frank’n Fashion – jeans, men’s shirts, hoodies, etc.
  • Padlock for your studio locker, if desired