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Artists are poetic problem solvers.  Artists solve problems by exposing the unseen parts of the world, mix them with their creative force.  Artists create new relationships between people and environment and the object.

This project is an attempt to complete a utopic urbanscape utilizing mountain as protection.

Bibim Jiyeon Lim


I purpose to make a wall hanging weaving out of human hair weave wefts.  This work attempts to reference 1970’s fiber arts, using contemporary materials.

Anneli Henriksson



I propose to develop a comics by number activity set, called “Uncle Davies’s Brand Activity Set” The kit will include, five hand puppets, comics by each of the 5 puppet characters, pends and instruction sheet.  The intention for the project is to inspire interaction with the comic and puppets.

Jamie Lee







What is it like to go to a job that you feel has a purpose and a value verses a job that you don’t feel contains any value?   propose to spend three days, 8 am – 6 pm, tying the weavers knot, while exploring the value of my labor.

Krystal Korth

On site – tying 2000- 3000 knots a day




Final accumulation of weavers knots.



I propose to continue with the giant warp work I started last week.  I will continue exploring the warp as object, and portrait of the landscape.  I will spend the next three days, generating three warps in different areas of the city.

Maria Bondie

Warping on site


Final outcome

Maria explored the material culture as documentation.



Public Warp – Maria

Working class preacher: Anneli

A piece of Chicago Mountain: Bibim

Comic’s as the new leisure time: Jamie

Questioning work: Krystal

The sloth:  Soo


Mini exhibition of performance documentation

hacking performance schedule


Making envelopes with a template vs. free form cutting

Folding an artist book


short cuts in photoshop


paper doll making: one offs vs. bulk cutting


Spinning paper:  cutting strips with the plotter vs by hand


warping with one hand vs.

two hands

Students generated objects by “hand” and “machine”, and considered how the outcome was influenced using  those two methods.


Jamie Lee:  Beast Project.  Hand Sewing  / embroidery vs. machine sewn / embroidery


Anneli Henriksson – Petty Chew – Heat Press vs. hand sewing


Soo Yun Lee, sampling:  hand embroidery vs. machine embroidery


Krystal Korth, Bandaids:  hand embroidery vs. long arm sewing machine



Ji Yeon Lim, Chicago Mountains:  hand embroidery / sewing vs. heat press, plotter and machine sewing


Maria Bondie, Pin up lets:  Hand embroidery vs. digital embroidery





Collaborative performance in public space


residential college students



Students implemented OPEN SPACE creative problem solving techniques, generating a series of actions mimicing white collar business people in the loop.